Edding Bag

20130623-010123 p.m..jpg

I’ve seen this bag the last night in a party.

So nice!

Handselecta Markers

Hello dudes,

here i come again with a very rare post. I want to show you two nice markers that i didn’t try yet. This is not new, i mean i’ have talk before about markers from other collectors, the point is that those markers are  from a marker freak and this is simply lovely.

I’m talking of the Handselecta’s Markers.

Black, simple, refillable and featuring two different nibs:

Bullet tip



And chisel tip



Everybody must know this guy, he have a Youtube channel only about tags and it’s going well, very well, he have also a blog in 12oz and have launched a new book.

a selection of HS videos:


and to finish… The history of Mike Giant’s hand style.


auch!, the markers are on sale here, Flip the script!

Blog roll

Hello world, again.

it’s a shame to come back with my empty hands, but today i’ve found this two blogs and i was thinking about you. Maybe you want to take  a look, they are related to us!

The new wordpress admin looks nice, i hope i post more markers soon.



Just some markers


Black is beautiful

Mestre Tigre aka Pixaçâo Rollers

I didn’t write in my blog for a while… Sorry!!

Today i have a very nice and pretty rare product. I’ve been in Sâo Paulo 3 times, i love this place. The people, food, music and of course the graffiti.
Both the colorfull pieces of my friends from VLOK and the pixaçâo. I remember the first time i been in front of a “predio” (building) covered with pixos.

The experience is hard to explain, because are too high! And the style are too fresh!
I’ve been looking to found the tool that “Pixadores” use to write his “Turma” (crew) name higher he can. The mission was easy because Mestre Tigre have almost the monopoly in rollers. Is easy to found it everywhere, from small harware shops to huge 24 hours department stores.

I brought many different sizes, but my friends say me two of them are the most used on the streets.

Those two:

The 90 mm wide roller.

Industria Brasileira!! I love this country!

The second more popular (and smaller) the 40mm all plastic roller.

I hope you like it this two gems. I really love them!!

Long life to pixaçâo!

Pilot Super Color SILVER


Hoy tengo el placer de presentaros un rotulador de los que cuando los tienes en las manos sientes la necesidad de abrir.

Puesto que te supones que no te va a defraudar, conoces la marca e incluso el producto. Pero en formato “Medium”. Pero de repente viajando por alli no encuentras en formato “Jumbo” y piensas, … ¡Este pa’ la cole!

En concreto el viaje era a Milán (barrio de Brera)  i el afortunado no era un servidor. Si no Lucas, un coleccionista que ya colaboró con nosotros anteriormente.

Aprovecho para darle las gracias por las fotos (muy buenas) y por compartir con todos nosotros este tesoro.

Sin más, vamos a ver que tal este pequeño streaptease …

Detalle etiqueta. Imagina tener que etiquetar toooodos los rotuladores que entran a italia…

Ya puestos echo de menos unas estrellitas en el logo psicodélico de Silver.

Wide and broad.


Tipica foto que a mi abuela seguro que no le diria nada, pero a mi me flipa :)

Gracias a todos por la visita.

Hasta pronto.

Monami Marker


today i want to show a Korean marker from Monami.

A friend give to me this marker to be reviewed in this blog. Thanks Nuria and Manel!!
I have seen glass body markers before, but this one with the Korean texts are georgeous.

Seems a copy of the Vintage US Magic markers, in fact he is called “oil magic”. I have also another Magic marker from japan whith the same features (Glass body, small cap, liquid ink, …) its strange.

Here we go with the pics of Monami “Oil Magic” Marker, enjoy it!

The color of the cap is very rare. Could looks better in white.

Best smelling in the market.

And the best point. Glass recipient. Not squeezable and old fashion, but lovely.

Thanks again for your attention, see you soon!

Luca’s Edding600 vintage collection

Hola, hace unos días Lucas me mandó un correo con estas fotos.
De momento se más bien poco de estos rotuladores, excepto en que todos son variaciones
de un mismo modelo de la popular marca Alemana Edding.

Espero en breve poder actualizar este post con un poco más de información. Hasta entonces, disfrutad las imágenes!


Hi, long time ago i have receibed some pics from Lucas. At the momen i have not so much information about those markers.
Only that are all from Edding and have the same name: Edding Grafik Art Marker.

I hope in next days update this post with more information, by the way enjoy now the pictures!

During my investigation about Edding i found this very nice pic, the evolution of the Nº1.

Take care!

Krink Tips

I have been noticed of the latest novelties in KRINK.
Replacement tips for the mop and the squeezers.

I really like it the design of the packaging as usual in Krink products.

Get in touch marker lovers!


Jesulin de Ubrique send me this pic, i have not words…

Tokyu Hands, lost bag.


Today a have a massive post. During my last move i have found a Tokyu Hands envelope with a few nice writing tools. Tokyu Hands (東急ハンズ, Tōkyū Hanzu) are a huge department store arround  Japan exclusively dedicated in arts and crafts and home stationery.

And you can find everything, from lasers to handmade paper.

I spend some money in the marker section …

2 Color Palette (like Posca, but chisel tip), 1 “Koala” marker (Valve Paint marker), 1 Sakura solid paint marker, 1 “Magic Ink” jumbo marker and 2 Keychain Sharpie markers.

Uggliest design in the japanesse market.

The nice point of this brand is the color range, like 30 colors.

Big deal.

Shake well!


Here one marker with a Kawaii character. The “Koala” marker.

Sakura solid paint marker.

A few instructions …

I work as packaging designer and i love this small details like the peeling off showed in the next picture. Usefull, cheap and innovative.

In Japan the people hang a lot of things on his cellphone. Keychains, manga figures and sometimes Sharpies.

Highlighter and common.

Don’t remove the cap accidentally when the marker is in your pocket!

I’m back! / ¡He vuelto!

Hello everybody ,

officially this blog is not a daily updated site, but i feel a little bite sad to don’t post over here, i have been in a lot of changes in my private life. I have been changed my place to a very cute apartment, i take a lot of time working, painting, …

But now i have energy i new pics from my collection.
I hope you like it my first piece, extremely related with my move. The Ikea cleaning sponge :)

Have a nice day!


¡Hola a todo/as!

oficialmente este blog no es un sitio donde se actualize a diario, pero me siento un poco triste de no postear más a menudo. Han habido un montón de cambios en mi vida ultimamente. Me cambié de piso a un apartamentito muy mono, dediqué mucho tiempo en el trabajo, pintando, …

Pero ahora tengo energia y fotos nuevas de mi colección.
Espero que os guste mi primera pieza, completamente relacionada con mi mudanza. La esponja limpiadora de IKEA :)

¡Que tengan un buen día!