King Size by Adams


Today i stole a post.

Well i have been waiting to talk about this nice book.

I leave ADAMS introduce his own book…
“In the spring year 2000 I initiated a project I call KING SIZE. It is a work where I embrace this subculturally globalized expression. To do this I built 20 markers. Unlike the markers you can buy at the shop, mine are big. They carry more ink — 20 centiliters — and have a broader tip — 50 millimeter.”

“There is a special craftsmanship tradition within the graffiti movement, especially for the supply of markers reconstructions of ketchup bottles, blackboard erasers and deodorants. It’s a form of “takewhatyouget mentality” an engineering that comes out of lack in material supply and favourable conditions. I’ve always had a passion for constructing things this way; bikes, furniture and small houses. The markers aren’t built entirely out of scrap but still in a Do-It-Yourself ideal; aluminum pipes, springs, foam plastic and screws. After having constructed the markers, I’ve passed them out around the world. I’ve chosen to give them to writers that have certain individual qualities but mostly because of their notorious relationship to the activity itself. Some of them are presented in this book.”

And in fact is a very wel doned book, nice paper, clear concept, random covers ( i think my copy is from a kellog’s box ) and human touch.

Some picts from the book.












Sacer: New york, USA
Twist: San francisco, USA
Foe: Paris, France
Kegr: copenhagen, Denmark
Nug: Estockholm, Denmark
Zys: Tokio, Japan

And i found a like where you can download an scan and see more picts. HERE. ( y texto en castellano!)
But never is the same than an original copy, try it HERE.

I hope you like it,

Picts and some text stoled from ilovegraffiti and DD links by aerosolBlog.



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One response to “King Size by Adams”

  1. ale says :

    a lovely book

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