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Collector: CP* SH

Hi, i have receibed this stuff by email right now,

Is from a CP* SH from Paris South. And i part of his collection.

Here we go with that markers…


Uni Posca, very well wrapped.


Nice Pentel White with an strange customitzation. Maibe to refill from the back?
CP* SH can you expalin a little in the comments what this? :)


A Marker for silk screen, that is used in the final touch with the films.


Waw, juicy Niji Marker, excuse, Giant Marker.


Lovely. I hope the cap is from the blue dauber…


I love this marker, i have one, the label is the same for the silver and the gold markers.
Nice marketing concept, you have one and wish the other.


And the gem of the selection i did from the CP* SH Flickr. The Marsh Fountain Brush, Marsh is the best, i ill talk about this great Marking supplies brand someday.

Thanks CP* SH!

I hope receive more picts from you in the future!

See you soon!

And remember if you want to show your collection …



Japanese poetry update

Traducido al Español abajo.

Hi marker addicts,

Today i have few pictures of a glue marker i brought in Japan. I been there last year, i think i write about this travel many times in this blog, but was totally insane and everyday i remember my Tokio days. I spend two weeks with a friend of mine from BCN (Kans), Os Gemeos and Arnaldo from SP and many local friends (Nesm, Masao, Ismo, Makoto, …) i enjoy every minute of the trip.

We spend a lot of time in Tokyu Hands and many art supplies during this days, buying some materials for the show of O.G or just looking arround for weird stuff. Japan is the mecca of marker collectors. I have full bags of markers not oppened yet since i come back. I brought (and steal) hundred of markers and stuff to write. Many, many markers.

In Tokio you are exposed to the consumism the 24 hours of the day. But also you’re surrounded of poetry. And today i wish to show you what i call Marker poetry.

Here a few commented pictures to illustrate that poem.


The Glue Marker looks like a skyscrapper between the other markers. Because are more heavy and don’t fall like others.


I brought this marker in an old shop located in a popular neighbourhood. The vendor are very polite and smart.
He have nice gems in his little arts & crafts shop, i buyed also some POP Markers and old papers.


Here begins the poem. Like a Geisha, the undresing of the “Arabic Yamato” need some time.


Two caps and one tip later…


That seems a very dirty marker. But we are not in China. :) This people have a hi level quality control…


A Blue cap do the dirty job. Maintaining the sticky glue in the transparent body.
I like it very much the choosing of the color. Blue, breaking the armony of colors just to show that is a disposable part.
Maibe i’m ill, i need to go fast to the hospital. But when i see it i feel my eyes wet of emotion.


The tip.


So simple, useful and beutiful.


For us, the non Japanese, his lenguage is a big problem. Because is very hard to undestant.
He have three diferent alphabets with hundreds of Kanjis. But have also the luck of the sintesis.

Look the label above, is really small and have not so much text, but explain a lot of things (if you can read it, of course).
I’m just an ignorant, but also a designer and i know that is impossible with Spanish or other latin lenguages.

We are writing too much to say nothing, but this people are doing just the opposite.
He leave the bootle clear, with the brand engraved, the plastic components (caps and tips) have a very nice finish and the label is …

The epilogue.

Some information about Yamato Co.,Ltd.

1899 Foundation. The Company was named “YAMATO GLUE INDUSTRY”

1960 YAMATO has entered into an alliance with 3M USA and started to sell Scotch tape and other 3M products.

Website of the product HERE.

Have a nice weekend!


Traducción bajo petición popular de un lector. Eso sí una traducción un poco en formato cortito y de humor :)

” Este es un marker que compré en Japón, donde tuve la suerte de visitar un montón de tiendas de materiales para artes aplicadas. Japón es una especie de Mecca para los freaks de los rotus, ya que hay para dar y tomar. De echo todavia tengo bolsas llenas que no he abierto. Muchor rotus, mucha enfermedad. El consumismo esta a cada esquina las 24 horas del día. Pero no todo es malo, ya que de repente entre todo esto hay un poco de poesia.

y a esto le llamo yo poesia de rotulador, en las fotos se ve que este destaca entre el resto, como un rasca cielos, elegante.

Lo compré en una tienda muy viejecita cuando paseaba con mi amigo Kans de BCN, entramos por curiosidad y entre todo el caos organizado, estavan tres botes de Yamato. Una pa mi. También compré papeles antiguos y libretas de facturas en japonés, ah i unos POP markers que pronto “postearé”.

El rotu en si es como una Gheisa, muchas capas y detalles que admirar.

Luego dice que dos tapones y una punta más tarde… Parece que es un rotu muy sucio, pero atención! todavia hay otro tapon, para evitar el desparrame.
Desde luego esta gente esta en todo eh. Aqui hablo de que al ser un tapon azul, se ve que debe ser retirado y lanzado a la papelera, ya que desentona con la harmonia de color. Quizás yo estoy muy mal, pero me emocionè un poco cuando lo vi… En inglés es más Trash i digo que lloré y todo. Pero es solo para impresionar al personal :)

Y aqui la ultima parte, que es bastante buena. Hablo “por llamar de alguna manera lo que yo hago con el inglés autodidacta” de como para los no japoneses aprender este idioma es tan dificil. Que parece ser tan complicado para simplificar las cosas. Es decir que a su manera tiene mucha síntesis. En la etiqueta seguro que pone un montón de cosas seguro, i queda ordenado, de una forma que seria imposible en un idioma latino. Vamos que tienen todo el estilo i como diseñador pues me parece muy bien realizado. Todo el pack, con la botella trasparente, argonomica, …

En fin que despues del Kores Camaleon, opino que este Yamato tiene puntos a ser un gran clasico de mi humilde colección.

Un saludo a todos y hasta pronto.

Amics catalans, per falta de temps ultimament estic una mica aturat amb el tema de les traduccions.



WritinG – il segno e gli strumenti

Hi folks,

today i gonna post a PDF book that i found at BombingScience about tools for writing.
Gin.407 a designer from Treviso (Italy) did something great. Well i need to say i’m a little bit gealous :) because is superb!!

I don’t have any more information about Nicolò Giacomin, i could try to contact him, but i can’t wait to share this gem with you!
By the way, if someone have any info please comment.

This is a blog and is imposible to embed flash movies. And this book is only on ISUU a very nice website to show and share PDF publications.
The Issu system to view the contents are very nice but hard to take screenshots (the book is not able to download) but i hope you like it the preview pages i choose.







You can see the whole book HERE.


And the portfolio of Nicolò Giacomin HERE.

Between i crop the pictures i see some other nice books in ISUU:

Party Partners

Random stuff

Graffiti Writing

Czech Graffiti


Dondi White

That’s all for today,
I hope you like it!


Phil Frost, expensive markers.

Hello Marker addicts,

Here we go with an extra exclusive markers.
The ultra limited edition of Wescosa FL “Cotton Tip” Marker by Phil Frost.
An american artist and Beautiful loser.

Now to commemorate his new exhibition are selling 2 markers for 1500$ (empty, of course).
Only 100 units on sale … HERE.


But if you are interested in more than markers the team of Beautiful losers give some arty stuff to enlarge the offer and help Phil to sell his DayGlo Markers.

Here some of the extras…



An ESPO sticker.


An “old fashion” wallet.


A police by Amos, my favourite “trendy toys” brand.


A silkscreen from the guy who did the Obama Poster.


A picture by Ed Templeton.


A Twist sticker, and many more stuff like fanzines, a pair of Terry Richardson’s used sun glasses …

Well stuff that costs a lot of money, you know…

The packaging looks like a wine bottle box, i like it, seems easy to carry.







And finally the catalog. Featuring: Basquiat, Henry Chalfant, Larry Clark, Robert Crumb, Glen E. Friedman, Futura, Keith Haring, Ari Marcopoulos, Raymond Pettibon, Pushead, Craig R. Stecyk III, Andy Warhol, Thomas Campbell, Cynthia Connolly, Cheryl Dunn, Shepard Fairey, Phil Frost, Mark Gonzales, Tommy Guerrero, Evan Hecox, Jo Jackson, Todd James, James Jarvis, Any Jenkins, Chris Johanson, Spike Jonze, Kaws, Margaret Kilgallen, Harmony Korin, Josh Lazcano, Geoff McFetridge, Barry McGee, Ryan McGinley, Ryan McGinness, Mike Mills, Os Gemeos, Stephen Powers, Terry Richardson, Clare E Rojas, Rostarr, Ed Templeton and Tobin Yelland.

Best regards and take care of business!


Scrawl Pen

Today is the day of the Paint Sticks, and this post is dedicated to On The Run,
one of the first Graffiti Marker Brands ever.

That Scrawl Marker is pretty the same than Sakura Solid Paint, but bigger.
It’s funny, but i have this purple in my collection, but i have also an used yellow with an strange name on the cap.
RAIDEX that seems a mistake of OTR to not remove the original name of the product.
Sometimes the graffiti products brands are taking ideas from unespectable places.

In this case, The Scrawl Pen is originally a Pig Marking tool. Awsome, true?

The marker of the farmers.


Velvet purple.


It smell soo sweet!!!

Ok, thanks for the atention, see you soon!


Sakura Solid Paint Markers

Hi world!

Fist, sorry again for the delay between posts.

I’m spending my free time painting, but now i have some new pictures
and i could post some nice stuff in the next days…

Well, today i have two posts, the first is about the most famous Solid Paint Marker, the Sakura.

I find this kind of markers for a long time and finally i found it in Shaghai. Well maibe i ill found it closer, but it’s true and sounds more chic.
I have the whole color range and an original box.

Basicly a Solid Paint Marker is a stick of paint that turn very permament when dryes. Is used in industrial marking.
Is high temperature resistant, if you like to make tags on fire, no problem, that’s your marker!

some picts to illustrate the post:


I have more colors but i like the main ones.


Don’t trust in this tip, is like butter…


Made in Japan, of course…


I love the chinese anotations in the box.


On left, a marker with the transparent protection cap and on right a marker one tag later…

Well, i hope you like it, here some info about Sakura.

Foundation: 1921
Sakura released the permanent markers called “My Name” for name writing: 1969
Sakura released the solid paints called “Sakura Solid Marker”: 1978