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Sunsational Bingo Daubers

Some months ago I was looking to this blog and I saw the unfamous bingo daubers… and i decided to buy some in ebay. I searched for them and I found this fantastic pack of 6 daubers made by the U.S. brand Sunsational.



I’m not really fan of bingo games, so I decided to try the blue one in the street… The ink inside is a kind of gouache paint and brillant, as the packaging says, but when you squeeze it’s really dripy! But it hasn’t sun light resistance. It’s easy to open to remove the ink by a better dark or colored and dripy ink.



The design of the wrapping is just amazing… And eyed and happy bingo cardboard says hello and is sorrounded by a dancing typo and a shinny background full of bubbles. Each ink color is intitled with the color of the packaging. And of course, the 6 daubers are presented inside a faboulous plastic case.



Hace algunos meses estaba visitando este blog y me encontré con los infames “bingo daubbers“… así que decidí comprar alguno por ebay. Los busqué y encontré este fantástico pack de 6 daubers hechos por la marca norteamericana Sunsational.

Yo no soy muy fan del bingo, así que decidí probarlo en la calle… La tinta de dentro es una especie de tempera y brillante, como dice el envase, pero cuando lo aprietas es muy chorreante! Pero aún así, no tiene resistencia a la luz del sol. Es fácil de abrir para cambiar la tinta por una buena y chorreante tinta oscura o de color.

El diseño del envoltorio es simplemente impresionante… Un cartón de bingo con ojos y feliz dice hola y está rodeado por una tipografia bailarina y un fondo brillante lleno de burbujas. Cada color de tinta corresponde al color del envase. Y por supuesto, los 6 daubers están presentados en una fabulosa maleta de plástico.


Fa alguns mesos estava visitant aquest blog i em vaig trobar amb els infames “bingo daubers“, així que vaig decidir comprar-ne algún per ebay. Els vaig buscar i vaig trobar aquest fantàstic pack de 6 daubers fets per la marca nordamericana Sunsational.

Jo no sóc massa fan del bingo, així que vaig decidir probarlos al carrer. La tinta de dins és una mena de tempera i brillant, com diu l’envàs, però quan l’apretes és molt xorrejant! Tot i això, no té resistència a la llum. És fàcil d’obrir per canviar la tinta per una bona i xorrejant tinta fosca o de color.

El disseny de l’envoltori és simplement impresionant… Un cartró de bingo amb ulls i feliç diu hola i està envoltat per una tipografia ballarina i un fons brillant ple de bombolles. Cada color de tinta correspon a un color de l’envàs. I evidentment, els 6 daubers estàn presentats en una fabulosa maleta de plàstic.

Text & Pictures: Albert.


Nero d’Inferno

Hi people,

Today i gona talk about one of the milestones of european writing.
The most common ink before the Graffiti-marketing Era. And a very good example of a product that graffiti keep alive. Because i’m shure the main production of this product is’nt to die leather. It’s used to burn the cities.

Nero d’inferno, his comercial name, means “hell’s black” in italian, but his color is not very black, is more like blue-grey. In former days, the formula was totally killer, but a few years ago to pass the new registration of harmful components need to leave that strengh to have the certification and the color fades to the current “color”.

The fame of the products don’t fall, this ink still one of the Best sellers, because it’s cheap and raw, you can disolve pigments or dies inside the bottle to have your own ink formula, that is very interesting. In my point of view…

I don’t know so much about the brand that produce Inferno, only the name Chimica Unione and his location, Milano.



Many, many, many tags, with a liter and a quarter…


It’s really sad to don’t smell his perfume from your computer… it’s awesome.


And the color range have also blue and red, of couse to die your shoes.
Everybody wear red shoes…


Dear Mr. Unione (chairman of Inferno), please turn back to your old formula!!
But more important, don’t check the prices of your competitors!!!!


Best regards to everybody, sorry for the delay between posts!
And thanks for the support!


Halbstark squeezer Tutorial


i have been received in my email some very nice images from Halbstark about
how to turn a Shoe Polish aplicator in a bloody squeezer.

It’s very easy and the results are gorgeous.

Here the whole process.











Click at the image above to see the Tutorial in the original format.

Thanks Halbstark to share that interesting stuff!

I only can add an small variation.

I usually don’t remove the sponge i cover it also with a sox but i wrap them
with a plastic bridle like this.


I save the sponge to have more resistance, but i’m shure the Halbstark option is more drippy!!

Post your hacks in the comments!

See you soon!



he rebut a meu email algunes imatges molt guapes desde Halbstark sobre com
convertir un aplicador de betum per les sabates en un “squeezer”.

Es molt fácil i el resultat es magnífic.

Moltes gràcies Halbstark per compartir aquest material tant interessant!

Jo tant sols puc afegir una variació.
Normalment no li trec mai la esponja, el cobreixo també amb un troç de mitjò
pero després ho envolico tot amb una brida de plàstic (imatge a dalt).

Guardo la esponja perquè sigui més resistent, però estic segur que la opciò de Halbstark es més “xorrejosa”!!

Comparteix els teus tutorials als comentaris!

Fins a la pròxima!



he recibido en mi email algunas imágenes muy guapas desde Halbstark sobre como
convertir un aplicador de betún para los zapatos en un “squeezer”.

Es muy fácil y el resultado és magnífico.

Muchas gracias Halbstark por compartir este material tan interesante!

Yo tan solo puedo añadir una variación.
Normalmente no le quito nunca la esponja, lo cubro también con un trozo de calcetín
pero después lo envuelvo todo con una brida de plástico (imagen arriba).

Guardo la esponja porqué sea más resistente, pero estoy seguro que la opción de Halbstark es más “chorreosa”!!

Comparte tus tutoriales en los comentarios!

Hasta la próxima!


Patented treasures.


tonight i want to introduce many new and old markers.
Some of them have been on sale but some others no. But they have something in common, are Patented products.

During my school years i hate the Technical drawing, because i’m too dirty to keep the draw well finished. I taste the last days of Rotring, trying my best to don’t mess up the whole drawing in the last line. And i have a total fanatism for the things that i can do. And looking arround on internet i found two of my favourite things, markers and super descriptive drawings.

Here a few examples…


Fountain Fiber pen from 1937. I like it the wire drawing.


B.B. Goldsmith, goodfather of mechanical pencils since 1887.


1916 Pump Marker.


Ball Bingo Dauber.


More views.


4 Level Ball Bingo Dauber, but is not from the same manufacturer…


How to use a Bingo dauber. Lesson 1. I love the fingers…


We are waiting for the square tip (2 colours?) marker …
Very nice letters. Seems Proto-ASCII.


An illustration that show where to place the elephant.


Well, we don’t only love markers, …


Definitely no.


We also love old,


… and modern “Water” Guns.




Whats this?


If somebody have any idea please post in the comments… :)


Correction fluid


and Shoe Polish.


Are welcome too!!

All those incredible drawings have been found here: Google Patents.

Everything has invented, you only have the choice of how to use it…

Have a nice MAY 1.

best regards.