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Hi world,

yesterday i toke a few pics of some of my markers. Not so much, but maybe it ill help to keep updated the blog. Ill show you those pics in the next days…

For today i choose one dedicated to “Jesulin de Ubrique” one of my most participative readers.
He ask me about why i doesn’t open the markers and how i can resist the temptation to check properly my collection.

Usually i keep the markers in the same condition than i found it. Only to save the original look. I love markers and i prefer unused but i have some opened and of course I’m so curious and some times i need to cross the line and broke some plastics.


I brought this Shoe polish mop in Tokyu Hands Shibuya, in Tokio. I carry this mop for some days in my baggage and still with a very nice look, but since i have his glass body in my hands i need to know the tip system. I broke the wrapping plastic, remove the cap and Yeah!


Simply Japanese technology.

Now it’s time to see the whole piece.




Nice selection, Mr. Hands!


“How to” instructions.


I have no close ups but the valve are very sophisticate.


“On the small jars have the best jam” Maybe it doesn’t have sense in english, but for my spanish and catalan readers i close this post with this great sentence:

“En el pot petit hi ha la bona confitura”

“En el bote pequeño hay la buena confitura”

Best regards people!


Pentel White World Tour

Hi World,

here we go, a long time ago from the last post.

I have been bussy those days, not doing so much things, only spending more time and enjoying it.
Today i have something like an investigation post. Well is not an essay, i have not so much english base to introduce the subject properly, but i have a nice history to tell.

I have two Pentel White 100W. One from NYC and other from TOKIO.
Both are manufactured in Japan and have the same thin design, but the blisters are different for the different markers in diffent countries with different culture and different lenguage. Many differences to be the same.


On left the Japanese and on right the almost American.


Clear design, only a few texts that i don’t undestand and a minimal drawing of the tip.


In the back side have a few instructions and a technical esquema about how to punkp the marker.
The cardboard is smaller than the yankee version.


Here the American version. The brand takes all the space. And the pictogram of the tip is more sofisticated.
I like it the specification “Marker” in the left, very important because in fact don’t seems a markers, seems an umbrela.


Here the marketing. Why i need a marker? paint a bike, mark book covers, helmets … the most common things i say to the police when they ask me why i’m carring a marker. I have been surprised during the photo shot with the label covering the bar code. Total fail.


What about the black lines on the right side?


Different holes.


4E & 8F


And now a conclusion, what is better?

Or just leave a comment if you found more differences!

Best regards!