Monami Marker


today i want to show a Korean marker from Monami.

A friend give to me this marker to be reviewed in this blog. Thanks Nuria and Manel!!
I have seen glass body markers before, but this one with the Korean texts are georgeous.

Seems a copy of the Vintage US Magic markers, in fact he is called “oil magic”. I have also another Magic marker from japan whith the same features (Glass body, small cap, liquid ink, …) its strange.

Here we go with the pics of Monami “Oil Magic” Marker, enjoy it!

The color of the cap is very rare. Could looks better in white.

Best smelling in the market.

And the best point. Glass recipient. Not squeezable and old fashion, but lovely.

Thanks again for your attention, see you soon!


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4 responses to “Monami Marker”

  1. Toxik 'zine says :

    Tuuuuuu ke tal?

    Tienes mazo errores en las traducciones al inglés. Si quieres mándame tus textos antes d publicarlos y te las corrijo. Miro el correo cada día si puedo.

    Salut noi

  2. onlymarkers says :


    gracias tio! la verdad es que es casi cachondeo.

    incluso hay una pagina en mi blog que habla de esto. mira engrish:


    pero muchas gracias! hace tiempo que no meto nada nuevo, … soy un desastre…

    un abrazo


  3. Deni says :


    I want to ask where I could buy the product Monami Oil Magic Ink in Jakarta, Indonesia?
    Thank you in advance. I hope to get an answer as soon as possible.


    Deni Satriya Putra

  4. Philip Tomlinson says :

    Deni! I think you are going to need to order them from Korea. There might be no other way to get those in Jakarta or in North America.

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