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Mestre Tigre aka Pixaçâo Rollers

I didn’t write in my blog for a while… Sorry!!

Today i have a very nice and pretty rare product. I’ve been in Sâo Paulo 3 times, i love this place. The people, food, music and of course the graffiti.
Both the colorfull pieces of my friends from VLOK and the pixaçâo. I remember the first time i been in front of a “predio” (building) covered with pixos.

The experience is hard to explain, because are too high! And the style are too fresh!
I’ve been looking to found the tool that “Pixadores” use to write his “Turma” (crew) name higher he can. The mission was easy because Mestre Tigre have almost the monopoly in rollers. Is easy to found it everywhere, from small harware shops to huge 24 hours department stores.

I brought many different sizes, but my friends say me two of them are the most used on the streets.

Those two:

The 90 mm wide roller.

Industria Brasileira!! I love this country!

The second more popular (and smaller) the 40mm all plastic roller.

I hope you like it this two gems. I really love them!!

Long life to pixaçâo!