About OnlyMarkers

I’m a collector of markers, and stuff that you can paint with it. I try to find allways the roots of every product. Sometimes it’s easy but allways is a good way to waste time and money. I don’t like it too much to write. I do, but i prefer to save my markers clean and many times i don’t have anything to draw because i’m sad to open any of them.

Sometimes i walk the streets looking for markers and i found some. Many of them are not markers, are housewares or tools, but with imagination and ink, many times you can turn it in a real weapon.

This blog is about that, only my collection, not the best of course, but why not to show them?

Enjoy it!




2 responses to “About OnlyMarkers”

  1. Ahmed says :

    Hello,am interest in this ink,but i want to know if i can use this ink on flesh

  2. Sebastian says :

    Holas, me gusto mucho tu blog, pensaba que yo era el unico que tenia fascinacion por los lapices y los rotuladores me gustaron mucho los de tu pagina, en especial porque algunos de ellos son dificiles de conseguir en mi pais (Chile) pues bien estare esperando tus proximas adquisiciones

    Suerte amigo

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