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Handselecta Markers

Hello dudes,

here i come again with a very rare post. I want to show you two nice markers that i didn’t try yet. This is not new, i mean i’ have talk before about markers from other collectors, the point is that those markers are  from a marker freak and this is simply lovely.

I’m talking of the Handselecta’s Markers.

Black, simple, refillable and featuring two different nibs:

Bullet tip



And chisel tip



Everybody must know this guy, he have a Youtube channel only about tags and it’s going well, very well, he have also a blog in 12oz and have launched a new book.

a selection of HS videos:


and to finish… The history of Mike Giant’s hand style.


auch!, the markers are on sale here, Flip the script!

WritinG – il segno e gli strumenti

Hi folks,

today i gonna post a PDF book that i found at BombingScience about tools for writing.
Gin.407 a designer from Treviso (Italy) did something great. Well i need to say i’m a little bit gealous :) because is superb!!

I don’t have any more information about Nicolò Giacomin, i could try to contact him, but i can’t wait to share this gem with you!
By the way, if someone have any info please comment.

This is a blog and is imposible to embed flash movies. And this book is only on ISUU a very nice website to show and share PDF publications.
The Issu system to view the contents are very nice but hard to take screenshots (the book is not able to download) but i hope you like it the preview pages i choose.







You can see the whole book HERE.


And the portfolio of Nicolò Giacomin HERE.

Between i crop the pictures i see some other nice books in ISUU:

Party Partners

Random stuff

Graffiti Writing

Czech Graffiti


Dondi White

That’s all for today,
I hope you like it!


Phil Frost, expensive markers.

Hello Marker addicts,

Here we go with an extra exclusive markers.
The ultra limited edition of Wescosa FL “Cotton Tip” Marker by Phil Frost.
An american artist and Beautiful loser.

Now to commemorate his new exhibition are selling 2 markers for 1500$ (empty, of course).
Only 100 units on sale … HERE.


But if you are interested in more than markers the team of Beautiful losers give some arty stuff to enlarge the offer and help Phil to sell his DayGlo Markers.

Here some of the extras…



An ESPO sticker.


An “old fashion” wallet.


A police by Amos, my favourite “trendy toys” brand.


A silkscreen from the guy who did the Obama Poster.


A picture by Ed Templeton.


A Twist sticker, and many more stuff like fanzines, a pair of Terry Richardson’s used sun glasses …

Well stuff that costs a lot of money, you know…

The packaging looks like a wine bottle box, i like it, seems easy to carry.







And finally the catalog. Featuring: Basquiat, Henry Chalfant, Larry Clark, Robert Crumb, Glen E. Friedman, Futura, Keith Haring, Ari Marcopoulos, Raymond Pettibon, Pushead, Craig R. Stecyk III, Andy Warhol, Thomas Campbell, Cynthia Connolly, Cheryl Dunn, Shepard Fairey, Phil Frost, Mark Gonzales, Tommy Guerrero, Evan Hecox, Jo Jackson, Todd James, James Jarvis, Any Jenkins, Chris Johanson, Spike Jonze, Kaws, Margaret Kilgallen, Harmony Korin, Josh Lazcano, Geoff McFetridge, Barry McGee, Ryan McGinley, Ryan McGinness, Mike Mills, Os Gemeos, Stephen Powers, Terry Richardson, Clare E Rojas, Rostarr, Ed Templeton and Tobin Yelland.

Best regards and take care of business!


King Size by Adams


Today i stole a post.

Well i have been waiting to talk about this nice book.

I leave ADAMS introduce his own book…
“In the spring year 2000 I initiated a project I call KING SIZE. It is a work where I embrace this subculturally globalized expression. To do this I built 20 markers. Unlike the markers you can buy at the shop, mine are big. They carry more ink — 20 centiliters — and have a broader tip — 50 millimeter.”

“There is a special craftsmanship tradition within the graffiti movement, especially for the supply of markers reconstructions of ketchup bottles, blackboard erasers and deodorants. It’s a form of “takewhatyouget mentality” an engineering that comes out of lack in material supply and favourable conditions. I’ve always had a passion for constructing things this way; bikes, furniture and small houses. The markers aren’t built entirely out of scrap but still in a Do-It-Yourself ideal; aluminum pipes, springs, foam plastic and screws. After having constructed the markers, I’ve passed them out around the world. I’ve chosen to give them to writers that have certain individual qualities but mostly because of their notorious relationship to the activity itself. Some of them are presented in this book.”

And in fact is a very wel doned book, nice paper, clear concept, random covers ( i think my copy is from a kellog’s box ) and human touch.

Some picts from the book.












Sacer: New york, USA
Twist: San francisco, USA
Foe: Paris, France
Kegr: copenhagen, Denmark
Nug: Estockholm, Denmark
Zys: Tokio, Japan

And i found a like where you can download an scan and see more picts. HERE. ( y texto en castellano!)
But never is the same than an original copy, try it HERE.

I hope you like it,

Picts and some text stoled from ilovegraffiti and DD links by aerosolBlog.


POP Markers

Today i gonna post not a marker, a concept itself.

POP Markers are a chinese kind of markers for banners and signals.
The name i think comes from the marketing slang or something like this …

Well i say is a concept because in some bookshops i found nice books called POP and explain how to write with POP markers, that’s the concept.

I never found a more dificult to write markers ever and now i reallize why the POP fans need a book to undestand how to draw with this stuff.


Three sizes: 10mm, 12mm and 20mm. In the shop from Shanghai i found this ones have also 30mm, but i don’t buy them, sounds strange but markers in china was pretty expensive!


I think we never will see a good round tip bigger than 8mm. Well, only squeezers :)


Rare 12mm tip, no valve, old school fiber pen, bigger, but fiberpen.


Nice packaging.


POP book.


Product placement.


Straight lines.


How easy is latin, …



Cheap trick, but allways welcome.


Chinesse black book. I don’t know what that means, but looks great.
I remember walking over Shanghai i see some tags of “HIP POP” only engrish or coincidence?

Anyway, big up for the POP culture!


Avui no vull parlar de uns rotuladors, vull parlar d’un concepte en si.

POP són una clase de rotuladors xinesos per fer pancartes i senyals.
El nom crec que ve del argot del marketing o algo així…

Bé doncs resulta que vaig veure a vàries llibreries uns llibres que es deien POP i explicaven com escriure amb rotuladors POP, aquest es el concepte.

Mai he trobat uns rotuladors amb els que sigui més dificil escriure, es per això que ara entenc perque els fans del POP necesiten llibres per aprendre a escriure amb això.

Tres mides: 10mm, 12mm i 20mm. A la botiga de Shanghai on els vaig comprar tambè tenien de 30mm, però no el vaig comprar, sembla mentida però a xina els rotuladors son molt cars!

Crec que mai veurem una punta rodona decent de mes de 8 mm. Bueno si, els squeezers :)

Black book xinès. No tinc ni idea de què posa, però queda maco.

Recordo caminant per Shanghai vaig veure tags de “HIP POP” que creieu era engrish o coincidència?
De totes maneres, llarga vida a la cultura POP!


Hoy no quiero hablar de unos rotuladores, quiero hablar de un concepto en sí.

POP son una clase de rotuladores Chinos para hacer pancartas i señales.
El nombre creo que viene del argot del marketing o algo asi…

Bien pues resulta que ví en varias librerias unos llibros que se decían  POP y  explicaban como escribir con rotuladores POP, este es el concepto.

Nunca he encontrado unos rotuladores con los que sea más dificil escribir, es por eso que ahora entiendo porque los fans del POP necesitan llibros para aprender a escribir con eso.

Tres medidas: 10mm, 12mm y 20mm. AEn la tienda de Shanghai donde los compré tambien tenian de 30mm, pero no los compré, parece mentiraa pero en china los rotuladores son muy caros!

Creo que nunca  veremos una punta redonda decente de más de 8 mm. Bueno si, los squeezers :)

Black book chino. No tengo ni idea de que pone, pero queda bonito.

Recuerdo caminando por Shanghai vi unos tags de “HIP POP” que creeis  era engrish o coincidéncia?
De todas maneras, larga vida a la cultura POP!