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Mestre Tigre aka Pixaçâo Rollers

I didn’t write in my blog for a while… Sorry!!

Today i have a very nice and pretty rare product. I’ve been in Sâo Paulo 3 times, i love this place. The people, food, music and of course the graffiti.
Both the colorfull pieces of my friends from VLOK and the pixaçâo. I remember the first time i been in front of a “predio” (building) covered with pixos.

The experience is hard to explain, because are too high! And the style are too fresh!
I’ve been looking to found the tool that “Pixadores” use to write his “Turma” (crew) name higher he can. The mission was easy because Mestre Tigre have almost the monopoly in rollers. Is easy to found it everywhere, from small harware shops to huge 24 hours department stores.

I brought many different sizes, but my friends say me two of them are the most used on the streets.

Those two:

The 90 mm wide roller.

Industria Brasileira!! I love this country!

The second more popular (and smaller) the 40mm all plastic roller.

I hope you like it this two gems. I really love them!!

Long life to pixaçâo!


Dirty SP


tonight i want to show a brand new steel tip marker.

I brought it today in Sâo Paulo, on the MTN Shop Sâo Paulo (Galeria do Rock).

Let’s talk the pictures i did…





Nice instructions…


Thanks to Diego to the unlabeled markers he gave me.

I gonna use it properly :)

See you soon and sorry for the delay between posts…


Cargo, The Marvel Pen

Hi world.

here we go with a new post about an old marker.

I found it on eBay few years ago. Its manufactured by Cargo maybe 20 YbG (Years before Graffiti).
I don’t know anything about the brand, sorry, but i have some pics to share with you.


The entire set: Box, ink bottle, marker and a pipette.


The box and all the other elements are totally broken. like as reported on item description :)


I like it so much the cap. Useful and cold.


Detroit, Home of Cargo Inc.


Look the shape of the piece to hang the marker.


The nib is really simple. The roots.


Dirty Pipettes. This blog is turning too much fetishist. Sorry.



Cube tip is great for tags. Made in U.S.A, i miss the flag.


The tiger side of the box.


And the Nicest side over there, Instant dry, writes dry, dries the nib as well…


Old Markers are nice to see it, but a disgrace to save it in a room full of things. Because is old and you need to take care of him. I prefer plastic markers because is better to carry and are less heavy. But is nice for a marker collection.

Thanks for your time, see you soon there.

PD: This Blog is non periodic. Is more like a website with regular updates.
Sometimes i spend so much hours reading on my RSS Subscriptions the same post everywhere, i prefer an slower kind of Internet surfing :)


Marsh Rolmark

Hi world,

today want to post a very nice invention.

The Rolmark of Marsh (Related post HERE). Marsh is a marking tools company from Illinois, US.
The common use of this amazing weapon is stamp over a stencil to mark boxes.

Well, is difficult to explain. But maybe you remember the “Made in China” lettering in the cardboard boxes. Those big stamps are made with marsh Stencils and Marsh Rolmarks.

A few pics:


Bling Bling marking.


Fountain Roller, true drips.


How to.




Use Rolmark inks.


Nice shot. I love unused markers.



This one i have because a friend of mine steal it in a printing tradeshow 10 years ago.
He save it clean for a lot of time till i show to him my small collection.
I show the Marsh brush and he said: Do you remember the roller from “Graphispack”? Still in somewhere from my parents home, let me ask…

Maybe two weeks later my collection grows up with this very nice tool. Thanks Sensible, you’re great!

Sorry again for the delay between posts, i don’t want to run this blog like a news portal or trend catalog. I feel this blog more like a striptease, slow, but always surprising.

Thanks again for the support!

And have a nice holidays!!


Patented treasures.


tonight i want to introduce many new and old markers.
Some of them have been on sale but some others no. But they have something in common, are Patented products.

During my school years i hate the Technical drawing, because i’m too dirty to keep the draw well finished. I taste the last days of Rotring, trying my best to don’t mess up the whole drawing in the last line. And i have a total fanatism for the things that i can do. And looking arround on internet i found two of my favourite things, markers and super descriptive drawings.

Here a few examples…


Fountain Fiber pen from 1937. I like it the wire drawing.


B.B. Goldsmith, goodfather of mechanical pencils since 1887.


1916 Pump Marker.


Ball Bingo Dauber.


More views.


4 Level Ball Bingo Dauber, but is not from the same manufacturer…


How to use a Bingo dauber. Lesson 1. I love the fingers…


We are waiting for the square tip (2 colours?) marker …
Very nice letters. Seems Proto-ASCII.


An illustration that show where to place the elephant.


Well, we don’t only love markers, …


Definitely no.


We also love old,


… and modern “Water” Guns.




Whats this?


If somebody have any idea please post in the comments… :)


Correction fluid


and Shoe Polish.


Are welcome too!!

All those incredible drawings have been found here: Google Patents.

Everything has invented, you only have the choice of how to use it…

Have a nice MAY 1.

best regards.


Sakura Solid Paint Markers

Hi world!

Fist, sorry again for the delay between posts.

I’m spending my free time painting, but now i have some new pictures
and i could post some nice stuff in the next days…

Well, today i have two posts, the first is about the most famous Solid Paint Marker, the Sakura.

I find this kind of markers for a long time and finally i found it in Shaghai. Well maibe i ill found it closer, but it’s true and sounds more chic.
I have the whole color range and an original box.

Basicly a Solid Paint Marker is a stick of paint that turn very permament when dryes. Is used in industrial marking.
Is high temperature resistant, if you like to make tags on fire, no problem, that’s your marker!

some picts to illustrate the post:


I have more colors but i like the main ones.


Don’t trust in this tip, is like butter…


Made in Japan, of course…


I love the chinese anotations in the box.


On left, a marker with the transparent protection cap and on right a marker one tag later…

Well, i hope you like it, here some info about Sakura.

Foundation: 1921
Sakura released the permanent markers called “My Name” for name writing: 1969
Sakura released the solid paints called “Sakura Solid Marker”: 1978