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Collector: Joedigger

Today i’m glad to post a new collector review, Joedigger, who have a very nice Mop collection. Here a few pics and questions, i hope you like it.


Hi, first at all thanks to send these terrific pics, please let us know when you beggin to collect markers? and why?

I began to collect markers as far as i have been writing graffiti! I have always collected everything, from basket-ball cards to Mickey Magazine, and the biggest of them all, my spray paint cans collection, but that’s another story!

Where you come from? It’s hard to found new additions in your town?

I come from Lille, in the North of France, near Belgium, one of the greatest country to dig in.

I’m collecting spray paint cans, and in the places i dig you always find old paint, old mops, old markers, old things, so i take them all. I clean the place.


Where you found Spotty? is nice to see this paint dabber refilled with ink, it works? what about the foam tip? Is solvent resistant?

You can find the Spotties almost everywhere, it’s a child, water-based type of squeezer, the original color and texture of the ink is really cool, and smells good! In fact i’ve known them before the actual, graffiti-specialized squeezers. They’re a little bit too dull but they resist solvents, and they don’t leak.

You have a very nice mop collection, do you have any suggestion about the best brand or tip shape?

The best Mops i have ever found were the Sipratic Mops, which were very used by parisian writers during the 80’s and 90’s. They were so ergonomic, with their two sides mold to place your fingers. It was the first mops i used, i hadn’t had the idea to keep them. I gave the other one to a friend. And like 5 years ago, a stock had been put in place in the shop i used to steal them in, despite the brand had been dead for like 5 years ago! But i don’t know i didn’t stole one…

The regular brands have a great shape, i only use round tips, they make such beautiful tags…Props to Azyle in Paris for his career by the way. He’s the greatest ambassador of french mops!


I like it very much the Baranne and IdeCuir boxes, what they content?

The Baranne only contents a shoe cream, Idecuir contains a little cleaning bottle, and a great mop, with what looks like a home-made tip, with a piece of tissu.


What call your atention of a mop? the label design, the bottle shape, the tip?

The capacity of the mop is primordial, cause mops tags need a lot of ink. After i look closely at the hermiticity of the cap, cause i’ve been fucking up so many jeans..!

In other words, what need a mop to increase your collection?

A mop need to have a little design from back in the days, or a picture of a 70’s lady, with blond hair and bright smile, Farah Fawcett Style!!! RIP!


In your email yoy say that you love Home-made inks, that’s great!
Please do you have any recipe to share with all the readers of this blog?

I keep my mixtures secret like any good chief! But i have simple tactics, and basic ingredients. You only have to know which ink to mix with which pigment. My favorite ingredient is the french fuschia Corio. Corio was, like Flo-master, a so-deep colored ink, when i see tags from back in the days…It’s incredible. Nowadays it’s watered shit. But the fuschia is still good. I have found one day like 10 Waterman’s 1 litre bottles, and i’ve launched the ink directly from the bottle to the wall, well after like 15 layers of spray paint you still saw the green Waterman ink getting over them. My favorite inks are Jet, so black but not hard to buff, Fuschia Corio and some burgundies of my own. You have made the best ink when it makes littles holes, as if she was breathing. Azyle had crazy home-made inks, with those holes in it.

Do you have any anecdote about amateur chemistry?

Yeah, trying to fill a Spotty with spray paint Silver, spraying in the bottle. I don’t know why but silver and gold paint are so cold!!! Try the experience, they are cold when get out of the can, it’s mysterious…Plus i hadn’t think that spray paint will keep some gas in the bottle, and when i opened the fresh silver-filled spotty it pops out like a devil from his box, and, man, it was silver time everywhere in my room! I have fucked up so many clothes, so many tables, so many sneakers trying to make the best ink. I am able to tell every ink and every paint i have on my jeans!


I like it in the last picture, the bottle with the red label seems a liquor, Where you found it? seems very old!

Hum…i have a doubt, i’ve been in so many places…Ithink i found it in a little shop near Lille, a very old shop, opened since like 1946. I went there a lot of times, always finding new stuff, or just listening to the old man second war story.

In onlyMarkers we love markers, but also other objects that could be used to write (for exemple Waterguns, cleaning brushes, …) Do you have any strange tool in your collection? Whats the weird stuff you used to write?

I used to write with blood, urine, food…At a time i was stealing so much ink that i wrote directly with the bottles, which had a very thin way out, so i made tags so drippy you was unable to read my name, it looks like a dog piss! You could just guess it from the shape of the top of my letters, if you know my tag!

The first interview in onlyMarkers are about KR and his brand KRINK.
What do you think about his products and from all the other “Graffiti art brands”?

It’s hard to find it in Lille, we only have one graffiti shop, i’ve been able to put a hand on some diagonal shaped tip silver marker, it’s cool but the cap is weird and close bad.



Thanks Joedigger for this great answers, i really enjoyed this interview and i hope all our readers too!

more info:


Cargo, The Marvel Pen

Hi world.

here we go with a new post about an old marker.

I found it on eBay few years ago. Its manufactured by Cargo maybe 20 YbG (Years before Graffiti).
I don’t know anything about the brand, sorry, but i have some pics to share with you.


The entire set: Box, ink bottle, marker and a pipette.


The box and all the other elements are totally broken. like as reported on item description :)


I like it so much the cap. Useful and cold.


Detroit, Home of Cargo Inc.


Look the shape of the piece to hang the marker.


The nib is really simple. The roots.


Dirty Pipettes. This blog is turning too much fetishist. Sorry.



Cube tip is great for tags. Made in U.S.A, i miss the flag.


The tiger side of the box.


And the Nicest side over there, Instant dry, writes dry, dries the nib as well…


Old Markers are nice to see it, but a disgrace to save it in a room full of things. Because is old and you need to take care of him. I prefer plastic markers because is better to carry and are less heavy. But is nice for a marker collection.

Thanks for your time, see you soon there.

PD: This Blog is non periodic. Is more like a website with regular updates.
Sometimes i spend so much hours reading on my RSS Subscriptions the same post everywhere, i prefer an slower kind of Internet surfing :)


Nero d’Inferno

Hi people,

Today i gona talk about one of the milestones of european writing.
The most common ink before the Graffiti-marketing Era. And a very good example of a product that graffiti keep alive. Because i’m shure the main production of this product is’nt to die leather. It’s used to burn the cities.

Nero d’inferno, his comercial name, means “hell’s black” in italian, but his color is not very black, is more like blue-grey. In former days, the formula was totally killer, but a few years ago to pass the new registration of harmful components need to leave that strengh to have the certification and the color fades to the current “color”.

The fame of the products don’t fall, this ink still one of the Best sellers, because it’s cheap and raw, you can disolve pigments or dies inside the bottle to have your own ink formula, that is very interesting. In my point of view…

I don’t know so much about the brand that produce Inferno, only the name Chimica Unione and his location, Milano.



Many, many, many tags, with a liter and a quarter…


It’s really sad to don’t smell his perfume from your computer… it’s awesome.


And the color range have also blue and red, of couse to die your shoes.
Everybody wear red shoes…


Dear Mr. Unione (chairman of Inferno), please turn back to your old formula!!
But more important, don’t check the prices of your competitors!!!!


Best regards to everybody, sorry for the delay between posts!
And thanks for the support!


King Size by Adams


Today i stole a post.

Well i have been waiting to talk about this nice book.

I leave ADAMS introduce his own book…
“In the spring year 2000 I initiated a project I call KING SIZE. It is a work where I embrace this subculturally globalized expression. To do this I built 20 markers. Unlike the markers you can buy at the shop, mine are big. They carry more ink — 20 centiliters — and have a broader tip — 50 millimeter.”

“There is a special craftsmanship tradition within the graffiti movement, especially for the supply of markers reconstructions of ketchup bottles, blackboard erasers and deodorants. It’s a form of “takewhatyouget mentality” an engineering that comes out of lack in material supply and favourable conditions. I’ve always had a passion for constructing things this way; bikes, furniture and small houses. The markers aren’t built entirely out of scrap but still in a Do-It-Yourself ideal; aluminum pipes, springs, foam plastic and screws. After having constructed the markers, I’ve passed them out around the world. I’ve chosen to give them to writers that have certain individual qualities but mostly because of their notorious relationship to the activity itself. Some of them are presented in this book.”

And in fact is a very wel doned book, nice paper, clear concept, random covers ( i think my copy is from a kellog’s box ) and human touch.

Some picts from the book.












Sacer: New york, USA
Twist: San francisco, USA
Foe: Paris, France
Kegr: copenhagen, Denmark
Nug: Estockholm, Denmark
Zys: Tokio, Japan

And i found a like where you can download an scan and see more picts. HERE. ( y texto en castellano!)
But never is the same than an original copy, try it HERE.

I hope you like it,

Picts and some text stoled from ilovegraffiti and DD links by aerosolBlog.


Stealth Ink

Hi everyone!

Usually i don’t post “comercial” products, but today i’gonna introduce one of the best inventions about inks i never found.

Stealth Ink, is the best, invisible ink that turns dark with the sun exposure.
I mean, you write with something like alcohol and when you leave the place your poem appairs. Is not romantic, and usefull?

The composition is very expensive because contents Silver sulfate.


I buyed the small one by hand from one of the Stealth’s guys in 2004 i don’t remember the price, sorry, but the guy was very nice. A real underground product, DIY 100%. The big one i buyed last year in Barcelona for 22€. The design is different but the product is the same. Simply the best on marble and porous surfaces.


Official AD from Stealth.

Hola a tothom!

Normalment no escric sobre productes “comercials” però avui os vull presentar una de les millors invencions en el terreny de tintes que mai he vist.

Stealth Ink, es la millor, una tinta invisible que es torna fosca amb l’efecte del sol.
Vull dir que tu escrius amb algo semblant a alcohol i cuan t’en vas el teu poema apareix. A que es romantic i útil?

La composició es molt cara ja que contè sulfat de plata.

El pot petit el vaig comprar directament a un dels nois que fan l’Stealth l’any 2004 i no recordo el preu, pero el noi era molt simpátic. Es un producte “underground” de veritat, 100% DIY. La gran la vaig comprar a Barcelona l’any passat per 22€. El disseny es diferent però el producte es el mateix. Simplement la millor sobre marbre i suerficies poroses.


¡Hola a todos!

Normalmente no escrivo sobre productos “comerciales” pero hoy os quiero presentar una de las mejores invenciones en el terreno de las tintas que nunca he visto.

Stealth Ink, es la mejor, una tinta invisible que se vuelve oscura con el efecto del sol.
Quiero decir que tu escrives con algo parecido a alcohol i cuando te vas  tu poema aparece. ¿A que es romantico y util?

La composición es muy cara porque contiene sulfato de plata.

El bote pequeño lo compré directamente a uno de los chicos que llevan Stealth el año 2004 i no recuerdo el precio, pero el chico era muy simpatico. Es un producto “underground” de verdad, 100% DIY. La grande la compré en Barcelona el año pasado por 22€. El diseño es diferente pero el producto es el mismo. Simplemente la mejor sobre marmol y suerfícies porosas.


Marsh ink

A milestone of writing culture, Marsh ink is one of the best inks i try ever.
Flat black and petrol aroma. Drippy and leave black stains.



I buyed this one a few years ago on ebay. I don’t remember the price, but not more than 15€.


And this is something i ill introduce someday, the Marsh stencil rollers. One of the best tools i never see.


Aqui una pedra angular de la cultura del graffiti. La tinta Marsh es una de les millors que he provat mai.
Negre mate y olor a petroli, deixa taques negres i “xorreja”.

Aquesta la vaig comprar fa uns anys a ebay, no recordo el preu pero no crec que més de 15€.

I d’això os parlarè un altre dia, els rodets per plantilles Marsh, la millor eina que mai he vist.


Aquí una piedra angular de la cultura del graffiti. La tinta Marsh és una de las mejores que he probado.
Negro mate y olor a petroléo, deja manchas negras y “chorrea”.

Esta la compré hara unos años en ebay, no recuerdo el precio pero no creo que más de 15€.

Y de esto os hablaré otro día, los rodillos para plantillas Marsh, la mejor herramienta que he visto nunca.



“Carimbo” means stamp in Brasilian Portuguese. I found this beautyful ink bottle in Sâo Paulo during a trip in this amazing megalopolis. I wish come back soon to this place, many friends living here…

And some nice stuff for my collection as well!



“Carimbo” vol dir segell en Portugués de Brasil. Vaig trobar aquesta preciosa ampolla de tinta a Sâo Paulo durant un viatge a aquesta maravellosa megalopolis. Desitjo tornar-hi haviat, molts amics viuen allà…

I forçes bons productes per la meva col.lecció!


“Carimbo” significa sello en Portugués de Brasil. Encontré esta preciosa botella de tinta en Sâo Paulo durante un viaje a esta maravillosa megalopolis. Espero volver pronto, muchos amigos viven allí…

¡I muy buenos productos para mi colección también!