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Handselecta Markers

Hello dudes,

here i come again with a very rare post. I want to show you two nice markers that i didn’t try yet. This is not new, i mean i’ have talk before about markers from other collectors, the point is that those markers are  from a marker freak and this is simply lovely.

I’m talking of the Handselecta’s Markers.

Black, simple, refillable and featuring two different nibs:

Bullet tip



And chisel tip



Everybody must know this guy, he have a Youtube channel only about tags and it’s going well, very well, he have also a blog in 12oz and have launched a new book.

a selection of HS videos:


and to finish… The history of Mike Giant’s hand style.


auch!, the markers are on sale here, Flip the script!


Sharpie Gang

Hola a todos,

Hoy escribo en castellano porque la noticia que viene a continuación (y que es lo importante del post) está escrita en inglés.
También para no perder el costumbre, que ultimamente no traducia nada.

La noticia habla de Matthew McNelly y Joey Miller dos chavales de Carroll, Iowa con una gran imaginación delictiva.
Resulta que los tios se pintaron la cara con rotulador permanente simulando un antifaz (sic.) para pasar desapercibidos al entrar en un apartamento a robar.

Digamos que la policia tenia un dato curioso. “Sospechoso con la cara pintada intentan asaltar un piso” solo habia que buscarles, echarles una foto y hacerles famosos.

Gracias internet!

Noticia completa

Y ya que la cosa va de cosas graciosas os queria recomendar unos blogs muy cañeros de los cuales soy fan:



Espero que os gusten!!


Hi english readers, today i post in spanish because the important stuff of this entry is this link:

Sharpie Gang on the news

and i have mentiones this nice blogs as well.



I hope you like it!!

Sharpie Stainless Steel

Hello everibody.

Today i have a review about a marker that i haven’t in my collection.
The new Stainless steel Sharpie.

In fact is a common Fine tip Sharpie, but have all this features. (From the product website):

• Stainless steel barrel design with Sharpie logo laser etched on barrel
• Unscrew ink cartridge to replace with Sharpie ink refill cartridge (ink refill cartridge reorder #1751000)
• Fine point tip size for marking and writing
• Marks on most surfaces
• Fade- and water-resistant ink encourages multiple project uses
• Quick drying, AP Certified Nontoxic formula

We could attach some extra features to make it more 2Marker collector” atractive:

• You could look more cool with him
• Is more exclusive

Here a few pics:


Only available in Black ink.

Imagen 9

Official product shot.

More info about Sharpie HERE.

See you soon.


PD: Sharpie donations are welcome ;)

KR Exhibition

Hi, sorry for the delay between posts, i’m pretty lazy this days…

I don’t want to turn onlyMarkers in a KRINK blog, but i found this picts and i want to show it.
Craig Costello aka KR have a new exhibition at Dont come Gallery a trendy shop located in Melbourne (Australia).

And he introduces some cool stuff. The Fire extinguishers.





Craig, if you read this, please send some samples :)


More info: Dont come Gallery
KR interview: The Vine

See you soon!!


Marker News Nº1


Couple accused in bingo marker fight

SPRINGFIELD, Ill., Jan. 16 (UPI)

Police said they arrested a Springfield, Ill.,
couple after they allegedly attacked one another with a bingo marker.

Investigators said Chyrl Miller, 22, arrived home after playing bingo at about 10:20 p.m.
Monday to find the front door locked with two deadbolts, the Springfield State Journal-Register reported Friday.

Miller was only able to open one of the deadbolts and began kicking the door and shouting for Jerry Pitts, 23,
who was sitting on the couch inside, to come and let her in, police said.

Pitts told officers he asked Miller why she was kicking the door, prompting her to hit him with her purse
and throw a bingo marker at him. The man said he picked up the bingo marker and threw it back at her before
she fled to a neighbor’s house to call police.

Miller gave police a similar account, but told officers Pitts was the first to throw the bingo marker when
her back was turned. She said she incurred a small welt on her shoulder from the marker and police said Pitts
had minor redness on his arm when they arrived at the scene.

Police said the suspects were arrested on suspicion of battering each other and were taken
to the Sangamon County Jail.

© 2009 United Press International, Inc.


This is not a pict about the news above, but is good for illustrate the next news. Photo by: the roadiegirl.

Sharpie used as weapon in robbery try

A Roane County woman told police she used a Sharpie marker in her pocket to make a clerk believe
she had a gun when she allegedly attempted to rob an eastern Cumberland County convenience store Wednesday.

Donna Faye Pectol, 49, 537 S. Kingston Ave., Rockwood, is charged with attempted aggravated armed robbery
of Jolley’s Market on Hwy. 70 E. in Westel around 6:45 p.m. She was taken into custody at her home
by Roane County authorities and returned to Cumberland County where she was questioned and later charged.

Deputies responded to the convenience store on a report of a robbery in progress and were told to be
on the lookout for a black 1997 Mazda Miotta that left the store traveling at a high rate of speed toward Roane County. Officers in that county found the suspect’s vehicle parked at her home and took her into custody
without incident.

The market’s owner, Gail Comer, told deputies that a woman entered the store with her right hand
in her right jacket pocket, and asked if milk was sold at the store. Comer said she directed the woman to a cooler
and that the woman returned to the counter with a gallon of milk. The woman then asked who the owner
was and if the store was hiring help.

When the woman turned away from the owner and walked to an ice cream freezer, Cromer, who was suspicious
of the way the woman was acting, looked out the store window and wrote down the suspect’s tag number.

When the woman returned to the counter, she raised up her right hand, with the Sharpie pen making a point in the pocket, and told the clerk, “I want your money.”

The owner said she responded, telling the woman that she did not have any money.
The woman then grabbed the owner and a brief struggle took place before the owner was able to free herself and dial 911. The woman then fled the store, with the Sharpie pen falling out of her pocket.

The store owner was not injured in the incident.
Pectol faces a Jan. 7 hearing in Cumberland County General Sessions Court.

Via: Crossville Chronicle.

Boy Suspended After Sniffing Sharpie Marker


A Westminster parent says Adams School District 50 overreacted by suspending a third-grade student for smelling Sharpie marker fumes and the clothing on which he’d drawn a stripe.

But Harris Park Elementary School Principal Chris Benisch is defending the decision, saying he believes the markers present a serious safety risk if misused.

Eathan Harris, 8, was suspended for three days after the incident last week.
The suspension was cut to one day after James Harris voiced concern about his son’s punishment.

Eathan’s father says officials automatically assumed the boy was “huffing,” or inhaling dangerous fumes from the marker during a writing class.

Benisch says Eathan was suspended for repeatedly sniffing the marker after being told to quit.

© 2009 The Associated Press.

And finally to close this post:


Brand New, Never Opened, Never Used.
This Kubaton might save your life. The marker is so fine (thin) that you can use this as a pen.

As the saying goes, “the pen is mightier than the sword.”  It’s the biggest, baddest, permanent marker around!

Superficially, it shares many features common to most markers, but appearances can be deceptive.
For starters, it’s made from the glass-reinforced plastic, Grivory, and features walls that are 4 times
thicker than similar markers. This means it’s built for impact and, in a self-defense emergency it can
become an efficient Yawara stick for driving off an attacker. Plus, the screw-top cap will stay in place
and won’t pop off like a regular marker’s cap would when you strike a percussion blow,
or when obtaining joint locks or submission holds.

It’s easy to carry too. Just clip it to a shirt or coat pocket, or carry in your purse, pack or brief case.
Don’t spend another day without one!

Found on eBay.

I’m not very happy to post violence in my blog, in that way i say:


Have you seen another weird news about markers? Just post a comment!