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Collector: Joedigger

Today i’m glad to post a new collector review, Joedigger, who have a very nice Mop collection. Here a few pics and questions, i hope you like it.


Hi, first at all thanks to send these terrific pics, please let us know when you beggin to collect markers? and why?

I began to collect markers as far as i have been writing graffiti! I have always collected everything, from basket-ball cards to Mickey Magazine, and the biggest of them all, my spray paint cans collection, but that’s another story!

Where you come from? It’s hard to found new additions in your town?

I come from Lille, in the North of France, near Belgium, one of the greatest country to dig in.

I’m collecting spray paint cans, and in the places i dig you always find old paint, old mops, old markers, old things, so i take them all. I clean the place.


Where you found Spotty? is nice to see this paint dabber refilled with ink, it works? what about the foam tip? Is solvent resistant?

You can find the Spotties almost everywhere, it’s a child, water-based type of squeezer, the original color and texture of the ink is really cool, and smells good! In fact i’ve known them before the actual, graffiti-specialized squeezers. They’re a little bit too dull but they resist solvents, and they don’t leak.

You have a very nice mop collection, do you have any suggestion about the best brand or tip shape?

The best Mops i have ever found were the Sipratic Mops, which were very used by parisian writers during the 80’s and 90’s. They were so ergonomic, with their two sides mold to place your fingers. It was the first mops i used, i hadn’t had the idea to keep them. I gave the other one to a friend. And like 5 years ago, a stock had been put in place in the shop i used to steal them in, despite the brand had been dead for like 5 years ago! But i don’t know i didn’t stole one…

The regular brands have a great shape, i only use round tips, they make such beautiful tags…Props to Azyle in Paris for his career by the way. He’s the greatest ambassador of french mops!


I like it very much the Baranne and IdeCuir boxes, what they content?

The Baranne only contents a shoe cream, Idecuir contains a little cleaning bottle, and a great mop, with what looks like a home-made tip, with a piece of tissu.


What call your atention of a mop? the label design, the bottle shape, the tip?

The capacity of the mop is primordial, cause mops tags need a lot of ink. After i look closely at the hermiticity of the cap, cause i’ve been fucking up so many jeans..!

In other words, what need a mop to increase your collection?

A mop need to have a little design from back in the days, or a picture of a 70’s lady, with blond hair and bright smile, Farah Fawcett Style!!! RIP!


In your email yoy say that you love Home-made inks, that’s great!
Please do you have any recipe to share with all the readers of this blog?

I keep my mixtures secret like any good chief! But i have simple tactics, and basic ingredients. You only have to know which ink to mix with which pigment. My favorite ingredient is the french fuschia Corio. Corio was, like Flo-master, a so-deep colored ink, when i see tags from back in the days…It’s incredible. Nowadays it’s watered shit. But the fuschia is still good. I have found one day like 10 Waterman’s 1 litre bottles, and i’ve launched the ink directly from the bottle to the wall, well after like 15 layers of spray paint you still saw the green Waterman ink getting over them. My favorite inks are Jet, so black but not hard to buff, Fuschia Corio and some burgundies of my own. You have made the best ink when it makes littles holes, as if she was breathing. Azyle had crazy home-made inks, with those holes in it.

Do you have any anecdote about amateur chemistry?

Yeah, trying to fill a Spotty with spray paint Silver, spraying in the bottle. I don’t know why but silver and gold paint are so cold!!! Try the experience, they are cold when get out of the can, it’s mysterious…Plus i hadn’t think that spray paint will keep some gas in the bottle, and when i opened the fresh silver-filled spotty it pops out like a devil from his box, and, man, it was silver time everywhere in my room! I have fucked up so many clothes, so many tables, so many sneakers trying to make the best ink. I am able to tell every ink and every paint i have on my jeans!


I like it in the last picture, the bottle with the red label seems a liquor, Where you found it? seems very old!

Hum…i have a doubt, i’ve been in so many places…Ithink i found it in a little shop near Lille, a very old shop, opened since like 1946. I went there a lot of times, always finding new stuff, or just listening to the old man second war story.

In onlyMarkers we love markers, but also other objects that could be used to write (for exemple Waterguns, cleaning brushes, …) Do you have any strange tool in your collection? Whats the weird stuff you used to write?

I used to write with blood, urine, food…At a time i was stealing so much ink that i wrote directly with the bottles, which had a very thin way out, so i made tags so drippy you was unable to read my name, it looks like a dog piss! You could just guess it from the shape of the top of my letters, if you know my tag!

The first interview in onlyMarkers are about KR and his brand KRINK.
What do you think about his products and from all the other “Graffiti art brands”?

It’s hard to find it in Lille, we only have one graffiti shop, i’ve been able to put a hand on some diagonal shaped tip silver marker, it’s cool but the cap is weird and close bad.



Thanks Joedigger for this great answers, i really enjoyed this interview and i hope all our readers too!

more info:

Cargo, The Marvel Pen

Hi world.

here we go with a new post about an old marker.

I found it on eBay few years ago. Its manufactured by Cargo maybe 20 YbG (Years before Graffiti).
I don’t know anything about the brand, sorry, but i have some pics to share with you.


The entire set: Box, ink bottle, marker and a pipette.


The box and all the other elements are totally broken. like as reported on item description :)


I like it so much the cap. Useful and cold.


Detroit, Home of Cargo Inc.


Look the shape of the piece to hang the marker.


The nib is really simple. The roots.


Dirty Pipettes. This blog is turning too much fetishist. Sorry.



Cube tip is great for tags. Made in U.S.A, i miss the flag.


The tiger side of the box.


And the Nicest side over there, Instant dry, writes dry, dries the nib as well…


Old Markers are nice to see it, but a disgrace to save it in a room full of things. Because is old and you need to take care of him. I prefer plastic markers because is better to carry and are less heavy. But is nice for a marker collection.

Thanks for your time, see you soon there.

PD: This Blog is non periodic. Is more like a website with regular updates.
Sometimes i spend so much hours reading on my RSS Subscriptions the same post everywhere, i prefer an slower kind of Internet surfing :)


Marsh Rolmark

Hi world,

today want to post a very nice invention.

The Rolmark of Marsh (Related post HERE). Marsh is a marking tools company from Illinois, US.
The common use of this amazing weapon is stamp over a stencil to mark boxes.

Well, is difficult to explain. But maybe you remember the “Made in China” lettering in the cardboard boxes. Those big stamps are made with marsh Stencils and Marsh Rolmarks.

A few pics:


Bling Bling marking.


Fountain Roller, true drips.


How to.




Use Rolmark inks.


Nice shot. I love unused markers.



This one i have because a friend of mine steal it in a printing tradeshow 10 years ago.
He save it clean for a lot of time till i show to him my small collection.
I show the Marsh brush and he said: Do you remember the roller from “Graphispack”? Still in somewhere from my parents home, let me ask…

Maybe two weeks later my collection grows up with this very nice tool. Thanks Sensible, you’re great!

Sorry again for the delay between posts, i don’t want to run this blog like a news portal or trend catalog. I feel this blog more like a striptease, slow, but always surprising.

Thanks again for the support!

And have a nice holidays!!


Johnson’s Shoe Polish

Hi everybody,

today i gonna talk about one of my favourite markers. I found it on eBay, a long time ago for less than you can pay for this kind of jewel. I did’nt remember exacly but i think i pay more for the shipping than for the marker itself like is usual.


Western Kawaii.


Johnson’s Wax left the shoe polish market but still selling cleaning products worldwide.


This is the trend of the last 4 years in the graffiti writing. Squeezable round tip markers.



I don’t know, i have been posted many different markers since i open this blog. But only a few was buyed in a graffiti shop. I get updated of all the new arrivals from “graffiti brands” and sometimes i have some dejavu. Not everything it’s invented, but almost yes and i prefer the original. I love markers, but with all this time in this blog i realise what i really love; antiques.

I’m a graphic designer and i’m shure i did’nt have the capacity to turn a very hard label shape in a pierrot head. Instead is a product for kids. I simply can’t and it hurts.

Because looks amazing. Thanks old times! Thanks for all the graphic designers with this skills, our life is better and more funny! And of course thanks for you to visit onlyMarkers!


Hola a tothom!

Avui vull parlar sobre un dels meus rotuladors preferits. El vaig trobar a eBay ja fa temps per menys del que pagaries per una joia com aquesta. De fet crec que vaig pagar més per el enviament per el producte en si, cosa habitual per altre banda.

No sé, he escrit sobre molts tipus de rotuladors desde que he obert aquest blog. Però tant sols uns cuants els he comprat a botigues de graffiti. Estic al dia de les novetats de les marques de productes per el graffiti i algunes vegades tinc “dejavu”. No es que tot estigui inventat, pero gairebè i jo prefereixo els originals. Adoro els rotuladors, pero crec que amb el temps em començo a adonar que el que realment m’agraden son les antiguitats.

Jo sóc dissenyador gráfic i estic segur que no tinc la capacitat de transformar una etiqueta de forma complicada en el cap de un pallasso. Encara que sigui per un producte per nens. Simplement no puc i fa mal.

Perquè queda perfecte. Moltes gracies als temps passats! Gràcies a tots els dissenyadors que tenen aquesta habilitat, la nostra vida es mes divertida! I gràcies a tu per visitar onlyMarkers!


Hola a todos!

Hoy quiero hablar sobre uno de mis rotuladores preferidos. Lo encontré en eBay ya hace tiempo por menos de lo que pagarias por una joya como esta. De hecho creo que  pagué más por el envío que por el producto en si, cosa habitual por altro lado.

No sé, he escrito sobre muchos tipos de rotuladores desde que abrí este blog. Pero tan solo unos cuantos los he comprado en tiendas de graffiti. Estoy al día de las novedades de las marcas de productos para el graffiti y algunas veces tengo “dejavu”. No es que todo esté inventado, pero casi y yo prefiero los originales. Adoro los rotuladores, pero creo que con el tiempo empiezo a darme cuenta que lo que realmente me gustan son las antiguedades.

Yo soy diseñador grafico y estoy seguro que no tengo la capacidad de transformar una etiqueta de forma complicada en la cabeza de un pallaso. Aunque sea un producto para niños, no puedo y duele.

Porque queda perfecto. Muchas gracias a los tiempos pasados! Gracias a todos los diseñadores que si tenian esta habilidad, nuestra vida es mucho más divertida! Y gracias a ti por visitar onlyMarkers!


Donald the marker

Hi world,

today i have a nice glue marker from Tixo, a 80ml.
The point of this gem is the shape of Donald Duck.

And the fact of that marker is a gift of my girlfriend, she have a lot of skills in the flea market hunting!
I love you!


I don’t know hou to use it to write in vertical surfaces, but ill works very nice to make tags on the floor.
I love the orange cap, too simple, lovely. I like it also how raw is the plastic and the paintwork.

With this post i try to share my love to weird markers, i hope you like it.


Tixo Kleber that means Tixo sticky.


What about the famouse brown hair of Donald Duck.


Refusable: Orange. I love it.


The useless cap in the marker industry.


Godbye Donald, bye bye people.

See you next time.


Nero d’Inferno

Hi people,

Today i gona talk about one of the milestones of european writing.
The most common ink before the Graffiti-marketing Era. And a very good example of a product that graffiti keep alive. Because i’m shure the main production of this product is’nt to die leather. It’s used to burn the cities.

Nero d’inferno, his comercial name, means “hell’s black” in italian, but his color is not very black, is more like blue-grey. In former days, the formula was totally killer, but a few years ago to pass the new registration of harmful components need to leave that strengh to have the certification and the color fades to the current “color”.

The fame of the products don’t fall, this ink still one of the Best sellers, because it’s cheap and raw, you can disolve pigments or dies inside the bottle to have your own ink formula, that is very interesting. In my point of view…

I don’t know so much about the brand that produce Inferno, only the name Chimica Unione and his location, Milano.



Many, many, many tags, with a liter and a quarter…


It’s really sad to don’t smell his perfume from your computer… it’s awesome.


And the color range have also blue and red, of couse to die your shoes.
Everybody wear red shoes…


Dear Mr. Unione (chairman of Inferno), please turn back to your old formula!!
But more important, don’t check the prices of your competitors!!!!


Best regards to everybody, sorry for the delay between posts!
And thanks for the support!


Patented treasures.


tonight i want to introduce many new and old markers.
Some of them have been on sale but some others no. But they have something in common, are Patented products.

During my school years i hate the Technical drawing, because i’m too dirty to keep the draw well finished. I taste the last days of Rotring, trying my best to don’t mess up the whole drawing in the last line. And i have a total fanatism for the things that i can do. And looking arround on internet i found two of my favourite things, markers and super descriptive drawings.

Here a few examples…


Fountain Fiber pen from 1937. I like it the wire drawing.


B.B. Goldsmith, goodfather of mechanical pencils since 1887.


1916 Pump Marker.


Ball Bingo Dauber.


More views.


4 Level Ball Bingo Dauber, but is not from the same manufacturer…


How to use a Bingo dauber. Lesson 1. I love the fingers…


We are waiting for the square tip (2 colours?) marker …
Very nice letters. Seems Proto-ASCII.


An illustration that show where to place the elephant.


Well, we don’t only love markers, …


Definitely no.


We also love old,


… and modern “Water” Guns.




Whats this?


If somebody have any idea please post in the comments… :)


Correction fluid


and Shoe Polish.


Are welcome too!!

All those incredible drawings have been found here: Google Patents.

Everything has invented, you only have the choice of how to use it…

Have a nice MAY 1.

best regards.


Japanese poetry update

Traducido al Español abajo.

Hi marker addicts,

Today i have few pictures of a glue marker i brought in Japan. I been there last year, i think i write about this travel many times in this blog, but was totally insane and everyday i remember my Tokio days. I spend two weeks with a friend of mine from BCN (Kans), Os Gemeos and Arnaldo from SP and many local friends (Nesm, Masao, Ismo, Makoto, …) i enjoy every minute of the trip.

We spend a lot of time in Tokyu Hands and many art supplies during this days, buying some materials for the show of O.G or just looking arround for weird stuff. Japan is the mecca of marker collectors. I have full bags of markers not oppened yet since i come back. I brought (and steal) hundred of markers and stuff to write. Many, many markers.

In Tokio you are exposed to the consumism the 24 hours of the day. But also you’re surrounded of poetry. And today i wish to show you what i call Marker poetry.

Here a few commented pictures to illustrate that poem.


The Glue Marker looks like a skyscrapper between the other markers. Because are more heavy and don’t fall like others.


I brought this marker in an old shop located in a popular neighbourhood. The vendor are very polite and smart.
He have nice gems in his little arts & crafts shop, i buyed also some POP Markers and old papers.


Here begins the poem. Like a Geisha, the undresing of the “Arabic Yamato” need some time.


Two caps and one tip later…


That seems a very dirty marker. But we are not in China. :) This people have a hi level quality control…


A Blue cap do the dirty job. Maintaining the sticky glue in the transparent body.
I like it very much the choosing of the color. Blue, breaking the armony of colors just to show that is a disposable part.
Maibe i’m ill, i need to go fast to the hospital. But when i see it i feel my eyes wet of emotion.


The tip.


So simple, useful and beutiful.


For us, the non Japanese, his lenguage is a big problem. Because is very hard to undestant.
He have three diferent alphabets with hundreds of Kanjis. But have also the luck of the sintesis.

Look the label above, is really small and have not so much text, but explain a lot of things (if you can read it, of course).
I’m just an ignorant, but also a designer and i know that is impossible with Spanish or other latin lenguages.

We are writing too much to say nothing, but this people are doing just the opposite.
He leave the bootle clear, with the brand engraved, the plastic components (caps and tips) have a very nice finish and the label is …

The epilogue.

Some information about Yamato Co.,Ltd.

1899 Foundation. The Company was named “YAMATO GLUE INDUSTRY”

1960 YAMATO has entered into an alliance with 3M USA and started to sell Scotch tape and other 3M products.

Website of the product HERE.

Have a nice weekend!


Traducción bajo petición popular de un lector. Eso sí una traducción un poco en formato cortito y de humor :)

” Este es un marker que compré en Japón, donde tuve la suerte de visitar un montón de tiendas de materiales para artes aplicadas. Japón es una especie de Mecca para los freaks de los rotus, ya que hay para dar y tomar. De echo todavia tengo bolsas llenas que no he abierto. Muchor rotus, mucha enfermedad. El consumismo esta a cada esquina las 24 horas del día. Pero no todo es malo, ya que de repente entre todo esto hay un poco de poesia.

y a esto le llamo yo poesia de rotulador, en las fotos se ve que este destaca entre el resto, como un rasca cielos, elegante.

Lo compré en una tienda muy viejecita cuando paseaba con mi amigo Kans de BCN, entramos por curiosidad y entre todo el caos organizado, estavan tres botes de Yamato. Una pa mi. También compré papeles antiguos y libretas de facturas en japonés, ah i unos POP markers que pronto “postearé”.

El rotu en si es como una Gheisa, muchas capas y detalles que admirar.

Luego dice que dos tapones y una punta más tarde… Parece que es un rotu muy sucio, pero atención! todavia hay otro tapon, para evitar el desparrame.
Desde luego esta gente esta en todo eh. Aqui hablo de que al ser un tapon azul, se ve que debe ser retirado y lanzado a la papelera, ya que desentona con la harmonia de color. Quizás yo estoy muy mal, pero me emocionè un poco cuando lo vi… En inglés es más Trash i digo que lloré y todo. Pero es solo para impresionar al personal :)

Y aqui la ultima parte, que es bastante buena. Hablo “por llamar de alguna manera lo que yo hago con el inglés autodidacta” de como para los no japoneses aprender este idioma es tan dificil. Que parece ser tan complicado para simplificar las cosas. Es decir que a su manera tiene mucha síntesis. En la etiqueta seguro que pone un montón de cosas seguro, i queda ordenado, de una forma que seria imposible en un idioma latino. Vamos que tienen todo el estilo i como diseñador pues me parece muy bien realizado. Todo el pack, con la botella trasparente, argonomica, …

En fin que despues del Kores Camaleon, opino que este Yamato tiene puntos a ser un gran clasico de mi humilde colección.

Un saludo a todos y hasta pronto.

Amics catalans, per falta de temps ultimament estic una mica aturat amb el tema de les traduccions.



Barcelona Old School

I’m glad to introduce a new blog about the roots of Barcelona Graffiti scene.

Now we are living a bad time in BCN, with a lot of police control and buff.
And the scene are moving to the suburbs, leaving BCN because all the hall of fames are gone.

Most of that spots are from the eighties/nineties and with the time they turn part of all of us.

Now this walls are grey like in the old times, but we don’t forgot the day that all this walls becomes colorfull.

Just take a look of some of the picts from the BCN Old Scool Blog.


1986, Universitat Metro Station (Main meetingpoint of the Hip Hop scene).


Sutil. (feat. Taran) Riera St. Just d’Esvern


Telz, one of the most bombers from this era.


Sendy’s, still active with very nice walls in his neighborhood “El Carmel”.


Aerosol Art. Barcelona 1994.

This is part of the history of  Barcelona (and worldwide) graffiti.
Aerosol Art. The first exhibition of Graff in the city and the biggest we have yet.

Probably all the graff scene of this time take part of the show.
But is not only that, this day appears for first time Montana Colors.
The first 200 cans to leave his factory goes to the show.Introducing the first spray paint devoloped not for cars or furniture.

For graffiti. Best covering, more colors and cheapest. Maibe is too much but i thing the graffiti changes with this apearance.
In Barcelona for shure.

From here to today, 15 years. Check the blog, if you read spanish have very nice histories…


Es un plaer de presentar un nou blog sobre les arrels de l’escena de Graffiti a Barcelona.

Ara estem vivint un mal moment a BCN amb molt control policial i neteja de murals.
La gent es va movent cap als suburbis, deixant Barcelona perquè tots els “Hall of fame” han desaparegut.

Molts d’aquests spots eren dels vuitanta/noranta i amb el temps part de tots nosaltres.

Ara aquestes parets estan grisses com en els vells temps, però no oblidem el dia en que aquestes parets es van tornar de colors.

Simplement mira les imatges del blog…

(Crèdits imatges.)

1986, Estació del metro Universitat (Principal punt de trobada de la escena Hip Hop ).

Sutil. (feat. Taran) Riera St. Just d’Esvern

Telz, un dels més bomber durant aquella época.

Sendy’s, continua actiu amb uns murals increïbles al seu barri “El Carmel”.

Aerosol Art. Barcelona 1994

Això es part de la història del Graffiti de Barcelona ( i del món).
Aerosol Art va ser la exhibició més important celebrada a la ciutat fins ara.

Gairebé tota la escena de la ciutat va formar part del esdeveniment.
Però no tants sols això. Aquell dia va apareixer per primer cop Montana Colors.

Les primeres 200 llaunes que fan fabricar van anar directament per el festival.
Presentant la primera pintura en spray que no estava pensada ni per cotxes ni per pintar mobles. Que era per Graffiti.

Millor cubrició, més colors i més barato. Segurament es massa però crec que una mica el Graffiti en general va canviar gràcies a aquesta aparició.
Per lo menys a Barcelona.

I ja han passat quinze anys. Mira’t bé el blog, val la pena! Hi han anecdotes a dojo!


Es un placer de presentar un nuevo blog sobre las raizes de la escena de Graffiti en Barcelona.

Ahora estamos viviendo un mal momento en BCN con mucho control policial y borrado de murales.

La gente se va movientdo hacia los suburbios, dejando Barcelona porque todos los “Hall of fame” han desaparecido.

Muchos de estos spots eran de los echenta/noventa y con el tiempo parte de todos nosotros.

Ahora estas paredes están grises como en los viejos tiempos, pero no oblidamos el día en que estas paredes se volvcieron de colores.

Simplemente mira las imagenes del blog…

(Créditos imagenes.)

1986, Estación del metro Universitat (Principal punto de encuentro de la escena Hip Hop ).

Sutil. (feat. Taran) Riera St. Just d’Esvern

Telz, uno de los más bombers durante aquella época.

Sendy’s, continua activo con unos murales increibles en su barrio “El Carmel”.

Aerosol Art. Barcelona 1994

Esto es parte de la historia del Graffiti de Barcelona ( y del mundo).
Aerosol Art fué la exhibición más importante celebrada a la ciudad hasta ahora.

Casi toda la escena de la ciudad formó parte del esdevenimiento.
Pero no solo eso. Aquél día apareció por primera vez Montana Colors.

Las primeras 200 latas que fabricaron fueron a parar directamente para el festival.

Presentando la primera pintura en spray que no estaba pensada ni para coches ni para pintar muebles. Que era para Graffiti.

Mejor cubrición, más colores y más barato. Seguramente es demasiado pero creo que un poco el Graffiti en general canvió gracias a esta aparición.
Por lo menos en Barcelona.

Y ya han pasado quinze años. Mirate bién el blog, vale la pena! Hay muchas anecdotas!


Citroën/Renault Touch up


Later the big success of the KR interview, i need a gem, and that’s what i call a great marker.
And like most of my favourites are a gift from a friend. Thanks again Gustavo!!

Well let’s go with this ultra weird marker.

A touch up paint is basically paint with the same color than the cars, to fix scraches and rust.
You can buy touch up paint in many different kind of markers, brush tip bottles like correction fluid,
paint sticks or if you’re in the right place you can buy this.

A wide valve felt tip in a paint tube without cap (the only problem).
It seems works well but i have only one and i don’t want to use it at the moment.

I don’t know the price, but looks old, maibe out of sale.


I like it very much how the Citroën and Renault logo appairs in the same product.


Sometimes i found stuff that is like poetry, the war between art and writing.

I hope you like it the post! Best regards!



Després del gran éxit que va tenir la entrevista a KR necesitaba una joya i això es lo que jo dic un gran marker.
I com en la majoria dels meus preferits es un regal de un amic, Gustavo gràcies de nou!

Bueno, anem a veure aquest rotulador super raro.

La pintura “Touch up” es básicament pintura amb el mateix color que els coches i serveix per arreglar rallades y óxids.
Es pot comprar pintura “Touch up” en rotuladors de varies classes, ampolles amb pinzell rollo Tipp-ex, Barres de pintura o si estás en el lloc indicat pots comprar això.

Un tub de pintura amb válvula y una punta de filtre ultra ample sense tap ( el únic problema).
Sembla que funciona correctament, pero tant sols en tinc un i per el moment no el vull obrir.

No sé el preu, però sembla que ja no està a la venda.

M’agrada molt veure el logo de Citroën i Renault en un mateix producte.

A bvegades trobo productes que són poesia, la guerra entre el art i el “Writing”.

Espero que t’hagi agradat l’article, ¡fins haviat!



Despues del gran éxito qu etuve con la entrevista a KR necesitaba una joya y esto es lo que yo llamo un gran marker.
I como en la mayoria de mis favoritos es un regalo de un amigo, Gustavo gracias de nuevo!

Bueno, vamos a ver este rotulador super raro.

La pintura “Touch up” es básicamente pintura con el mismo color que los coches y sive para arreglar ralladas y óxidos.
Se puede comprar pintura “Touch up” en rotuladores de varios tipos, botellas con pinzel rollo Tipp-ex, Barras de pintura o si estas en el lugar indicado puedes comprar esto.

Un tubo de pintura con valvula y una punta de fieltro ultra ancha sin tapón ( el único problema).
Parece que funciona correctamente, pero solo tengo uno y por el momento no lo quiero abrir.

No sé el precio, pero parece que ya no está a la venta.

Me gusta mucho ver el logo de Citroën y Renault en un mismo producto.

A veces encuentro productos que són poesia, la guerra entre el arte y el “Writing”.

Espero que te haya gustado el artículo, ¡hasta pronto!